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Feminism a very important word for modern world. If you are giving this word a continues lip service you will be considered a modern liberal and educated person and most importantly a feminist. Most of the people actually just use this word without knowing its meaning. Feminism a doctrine that advocates equal right for women but a pseudo-feminist while arguing about feminism will always keep women above men. And then that person will definitely criticise the Indian culture and praise western for their liberal thoughts.  So is it true that women in India are suffering from thousands years and women in west are always given equal rights from the beginning.  India the mother of religions, where the world’s oldest religion Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism developed has never neglected women in its philosophy.  Even the most important diety of the religion is a female God And has several female dieties. If then also they criticise Indian society then what about Ramayana which tells more about Kakai her maid Manthara and Sita and what about Mahabharata which tells the stories about sacrifice of Gandhari, the mistakes of Kunti and the revenge of Draupadi and many more stories. Even these religious texts are female centric that tells the stories and teaches all us that mistreatment of women can lead to destruction of the nations.

Yatra naryastu pujyante namante tatra Devata, yatraitaastu na pujyante sarvaastatrafalaah kriyaah”. which means Women are honored where, divinity blossoms there, and where women are dishonored, all action no matter how noble remain unfruitful.

A script from manusmriti clearly tells that the women were treated very well.  But it has been seen always that the things in its purest form rejoice more. And as india was subjected to many invasions the culture the thinking got influenced by other religions.  And that mixture is proved so worst that still we are suffering from the disease that the people of this century want to heal. But the issues of women is being over projected showing men as the most cruelest the most harmful on every possible platforms where these issue has been raised, inspite of the fact that that both are complimentary of each other.  When asked about feminism they showed us women crying, dying , fighting against the men for their rights in every movies every show every novels every play every news.  But why they’ve made feminism something in which people speak of women rights and women ask for their rights.  They criticise men for not giving those rights and the next moment they ask the same men those rights.  But who the hell is men to give rights.  And asking rights to men shows that still they need the permission for living equally.   Feminism is not about asking others what women should do but about telling others what they are doing next. Now its not the time to talk about equal rights but to grab it.  And time to stop those who mis-define this doctrine by keeping women rights above all,  should know that by their futile hard work they can create a situation in which one day men will stand for their own rights.   The difference in words and actions clearly shows that still the true feminist have some jobs left but not through fighting or criticising but through changing the thinking of the new generation from the very beginning.   And just by speaking of women no one should be called a feminist unless he or she treats both the gender equally , understands both and must know the fact that one is incomplete without other.  And the change which they want to see in others they must get it into them.

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Get a B.tech or B.E Degree for being an engineer , Management Degrees for being a Buissnessman, M.B.B.S and many degress for being a  Doctor , L.L.B for being a  lawyer and many courses that will make you an expert in your field. Then what about being a Public leader , a person who wants to be a public leader what is the criteria, how much one should learn to do this most important job of being a public leader to whom the people send by their precious votes to make laws. Can a person by just getting a degree of B.Tech can become a complete engineer . Do the people with the degrees of MBA or MBBS are always perfect buissneman
Or perfect doctor. Degrees are just pieces of papers , your experience, your thoughts, your ideas carve you , it creates your intrest in your profession and then you just don’t look back. It’s all about a true determination to achieve something that only few people are capable of feeling. Like that the public leaders without any opinion of their own , without ideas and without the knowledge of the goals they want the nation to achieve through their policies and their ideology fails to fulfill this criteria. Smiriti irani the hon’ble HRD Minister in the union cabinet  quoted once “

Judge me by my work please

.  As she was said to be not eligible for the post of HRD being only 12th passed and her qualification issues. Though she may not be as much as educated as many other politicians who failed to prove that highly educated people are best law-makers but since she holded the office  she has taken some major steps to bring the things back to the track. She is always ready to put her points in front of public through her interviews that are must watch . She has answer for every question and can shut the mouth of opposition through her oratory skills. Even after behaving like a true leader
She faced such objections. Then what about the MPs such as sachin and rekha who never spoke on any public issue. People said that the minster guides the IAS officers that is how the policies are being made , the laws are being implemented but the truth is that senior and expert officers guide a minister more than minister guides to him. May be that’s how Rabdi devi survived as CM.
So before measuring someone’s capabilities through their degrees just give them a chance to work. And then aslo if some degrees are necesaary to have to work as a law maker then first one should get a degree of Devotion,Understanding,Compromise,Patriotism,humanity and must clear the biggest exam of elections held by people through their clean answers.

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The cleanest PM of the most corrupt cabinet was said for MR. Singh when many political pundits were discussing the epic victory of BJP over congress or you can say MODI over Rahul gandhi.but what qualities do people see in their PM. May be in other developed countries people will say that they first see the policies that are promised or agenda or manifesto of party but in india it’s not true.many people don’t even know the manifesto of BJP  and they don’t even care what’s written in there. So how indians rejected congress when the PM was someone who had been saving the country’s economy since many decades.
Dr.Manmohan singh was just a model of congress party who was promoting the political designs of mom and son company. throughout his regime as Indian PM he made major blunders but these three made india to plan a historic day of 16 may 2014 that changed the politics of india completely
1: Dr. Singh’s non political background was maybe one of the reasons for his speeches that used to be so technical that the common people of the country never understood him.may be he was so intellect that it was difficult for people to understand him.even though how perfect his answers would be in LOK SABHA as PM but people felt connected more to the leaders  who talk about people’s perspective so inside or outside the houses people were able to relate themselves with more intresting speeches of MODI and Sushma swaraj and many more other leaders than Dr. Singh’s highly technical words that never defended his party’s blunders.
2:The shuffling of union cabinet.who is looking which ministry was the talk among people as there was always possibility of shuffle. If a minister holding a particular ministry was asked about his failed policies he used to blame the previous person or used to save himself by showing the days he just completed holding the office. Not only this the UPA was mixture of parties and thus Dr. Singh failed to run a good coliation. As cabinet system says that ‘PM is sun among the planets’ ,but Mr. Singh failed. He himself used to be so confused because of his allies that he wasn’t able to answer clearly about his corrupt ministers and wasn’t able to defend them and thus the ministry was never stable.
3:During the last two years of his tenure many incidents came up he failed to put forward the stand of his government. The corruption charges against his ministers was the cake for opposition with lokpal flavour and blackmoney as cherry of the cake the candel of delhi rape case burnt congress so much that delhi threw congress out of legislative assembly.As the PM of the nation his stands were never clear his ministers were out of his control the allies of the UPA showed their true color.He may have the crown of world’s best economist but completely failed to run the coliation.
His silence,easy go attitude with ministers and allies  and only listening to madam Sonia and Rahul baba policy was the base of these mistakes.

Aniket shrivastava

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